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Carpooling is not as developed in Merced County as in other areas of the state. An excellent alternative is the Car-less Commute, a customized program offered by THE BUS, that picks you up and drops you off at your home. See for more details or call THE BUS at (209) 385-7600.

Who should rideshare?
Ridesharing is a great choice for those who do not need their car at work everyday, have a consistent work schedule and travel more than 15 minutes to work. And remember, ridesharing is flexible. You can rideshare all the time, or just a few days a week. Even one day out of five means a 20% reduction in weekly wear and tear on your car.

What are the benefits of ridesharing?  

         Saving money in gas and vehicle maintenance ($500-$2,000 each year)

         Lower insurance rates (check with your insurance agent) 

         Use of carpool lanes on freeways and at on-ramps. 

         Making better use of your time to work: reading, eating, sleeping or visiting with carpool friends.