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Leave the driving to somebody else! There's lots of new transit services available to make your commute a better one.

Benefits of taking transit:

   " you can read, work, or sleep instead of sit behind the wheel
   " you can use it when you have an unpredictable schedule
   " you can combine it with driving, carpooling or biking.
   " saves money!

MERCEDRIDES will help you:

   " determine if transit can work for your commute
   " refer you to all your transit options (there may be more 
     than one!)

How to get started taking transit
Did you know that you can take your bicycle on Merced County Transit, The Bus? Or that you can visit Yosemite without having to drive yourself, by using Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS)? Or that you can have unlimited use of fixed route service throughout Merced County for only $3.00 per day (even less if you buy a monthly pass)?  So much is possible on local transit.

Merced County boasts a full service, comprehensive transit system, serving the needs of Merceds residents and visitors.  However, if you've never ridden a bus before, using public transit may seem strange and complicated. It may sound confusing at first, but once you learn the answers to your questions, using public transit could actually simplify your life.

Is Transit Right for You?   
Getting Ready   
Issues and Answers  

Is Transit Right for You?
To determine if public transit is right for your commute, consider the following:

- Does transit serve your neighborhood?
In most cities in Merced County, public transit comes within one mile of most neighborhoods in rural areas and within mile in urban areas.  Please see Timetables and Maps to determine your proximity to fixed route service.

- Is there scheduled service that works for you?
Thousands of commuters, with various work, school and shopping schedules, use public transit every day.  Transit providers are constantly striving to provide efficient service that best serves the varying needs of its customers.

- How much will it cost you to ride transit?
The cost varies with the type of transit and the distance you travel. But transit is almost always cheaper than driving alone, considering expenses for gas, insurance, wear and tear, etc.
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Getting Ready
Identify the best route(s) and travel time(s) for your schedule.  Start by obtaining bus timetables and maps. For descriptions plus specific tips and information, see the list of major providers on the left side of this page. If you need assistance, simply click to that provider's web page for more information.

- Getting there.
If transit service isn't within walking distance, you could ride your bike to the transit location, or maybe drive to a Park & Ride lot and then take transit.

- Figure out your fare.
Paying for transit is not as hard as it may seem.  Fares sometimes differ for adults, seniors, children, and people with disabilities.  Providers can tell you how and when to pay your fare, and if you will need to transfer to reach your destination. 
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Issues and Answers
- I don't know where or when to catch the bus.  
Use the information provided on this web site to find the transit agency that will get you where you want to go, when you want to go.

- I'll have to stand on the way to work.
Unfortunately, crowded buses are sometimes a fact of life. You may not always get a seat.  You will usually find, however a clean comfortable seat awaits you on local transit buses.

- I don't want people to wait for me as I look for change in my purse or pocket. 
Find out what your fare will be and have your fare ready, or buy monthly, weekly, or daily passes that make it fast and easy to board a bus.

- I'll miss the freedom of driving. 
Undoubtedly, there will be days when you'll want to drive to work because you have errands or other plans. But when you do use mass transit, you'll appreciate the flexibility and cost savings of leaving your car at home.
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